MVP Samaj’s Horizon International Academy, Nashik is a school where academics and experience are given equal importance, to raise happy, thoughtful and socially-conscious students who don’t just survive but thrive in the bigger world outside.

At Horizon International Academy, Some of our important school policies are:

  1. Bagless School

Homework is done in school under teacher’s observation. School schedules from primary class onwards allots special 45 minutes session for self study every morning wherein teachers help students to practice, revise and revisit what they have been studied on previous days. Whole purpose of this learning methodology is to inculcate the value of self study in student at a tender age.

  1. Lesser strength is better

We have kept our student strength lower per class in order to offer experiential learning suited to multiple intelligence of students. Each child is looked at individually, helping him excel in his academic level, interests and learning styles.

  1. Reading is of utmost importance

Most of our students come from vernacular background and find it difficult to cope up with CBSE level of English. In order to overcome this problem, we initially spend two to three months bridging the gap and help them acquire basic reading skills.


CBSE Pattern

To know more about CBSE pattern, please refer